SpeciesAzama Spirit
Birth PackUnknown
PackEnlightened Vision
NotesCoven wears a golden necklace which holds a glowy white shard. This is a Shard of the Light Orb, which was gifted to her from her mother. It has been passed down her family line for so long that no one remembers where it came from, but it is likely to be in her family line for generations to come. The Shard has some powers. It purifies the wearer, thus making them invincible to possession and mind-control by demons and some other dangers. It also makes it impossible for a pure demon to touch her, as the Shard creates an aura-barrier which blocks evil from harming her.

Coven is a Maianaki, One Who Can Learn Secrets, as marked by her purely white eyes. She can read the minds of any and all sentient creatures, as well as mindspeak. Like all adult Azama Spirits, he can complete control over the earth. He can revive plants, grow plants, cause the ground to tremble lightly or violently, as well as bring trees to life and create 'ents' which can fight beside him if the need arises. He can also remove Earth Spirits from trees and other plants to absorb, if he's wounded and desperately needs healing. He currently has no unique powers connected to his Earth Spirit.

Coven walks the Sherah Path, and has been on her Path for one season. She is capable of growing plants with healing properties of varying degrees. These can be mild healing energies, or something powerful enough to even resurrect the dead. However, her healing powers will not work on creatures that can heal themselves. She also has some powers with spirits, as comes with being on her Path for a season. She can see spirits, help them move on to the afterlife, and can also ask them for help in battle if she ever requires it. Her power of spirits is so powerful in this respect that she can actually give a spirit a temporary corporeal form.

OriginBattle Prides