SpeciesAzama Spirit
Birth PackUnknown
PackEnlightened Vision
NotesIlaneth is the only descendant of the High One, and like her sire, she carries the incredibly rare antler-gene, which is visible on her as a pair of black antlers. Both of her eyes a very pale, almost white, pink, and they glow faintly. As far as her markings go, she has two natural blue markings above her eyes and several silvery-gray marks in her fur. Her tail is a reddish-brown, different from the rest of her body because her mother had strong Vertian Hound genes. She is always surrounded by a faint aura of light, which is usually only fully visible in the dark. This aura is a natural trait inherited from her father, and it keeps the darkness away from her. Also inherited from her father is an extremely rare power of invulnerability. No one, and nothing, can physically or supernaturally harm Ilaneth. She is fully invulnerable, and thus has nothing to fear. There is only one way she can be harmed - and that is by her father, or other close-blood relatives. No one else even has the potential to harm her. She, of course, can harm others if she so desires though. Like all adult Azama Spirits, she can complete control over the earth. She can revive plants, grow plants, cause the ground to tremble lightly or violently, as well as bring trees to life and create 'ents' which can fight beside her if the need arises. She can also remove Earth Spirits from trees and other plants to absorb, if she's wounded and desperately needs healing. She currently has no unique powers connected to her Earth Spirit.

Around her neck, hanging on a black dragonscale chain, is a red preserved Tree Spirit egg. The Tree Spirit within was never born, as it was unable to free itself. Thus it was trapped and died within the egg, which then went on to harden to the point where it was thick wood. After a good while of just staying in the ground beneath a tree the egg took on a reddish color, and also gained some odd root-growths on it, which oddly almost resemble eyes. Ilaneth came across this preserved Tree Spirit egg after the tree it had been under was pulled from the ground by powerful winds. She felt sorry for the Tree Spirit, so decided to honor its memory by taking it. It may not have the potential to ever hatch, but when Ilaneth picked up the preserved egg, the Tree Spirit within actually came back to life. So now the Tree Spirit within was alive, and as long as its egg hangs around Ilaneth's neck it will be able to continue living. It will just never be able to experience life outside its impossible-to-crack shell. Having the Tree Spirit around her neck also allows Ilaneth to have a connection with the Tree Spirit, allowing for the Tree Spirit to see through her eyes and for the two to share thoughts. The Tree Spirit is fully sentient.

OriginBattle Prides