SpeciesAzama Spirit
Birth PackUnknown
PackEnlightened Vision
NotesTiankynai was born in the Azama Homeland, which is safely under the protection of the High One's aura. Their lands are safe, as are all the Spirits which live on their blessed lands. She was born within the Spirit Forest bordering the High One's mountain territories. She was born with green eyes, which glow faintly in the darkness. Her mother always told her she had eyes like an Earth Spirit, and other Azamas even commented on them as well. For an Azama to be born with green eyes, when there's no one in their bloodline with the same trait, it's called a blessing from the Spirits.

Upon reaching teenhood, she discovered she had a rather curious gift. After night had fallen, instead of being able to see as clear as day, she was able to instead see through the vibrations of the earth and trees around her. She could literally feel everything, and everyone, who was within the area near her. It was as if the Spirits themselves were allowing her to see through their senses. It was a gift that she took respectfully, and when she reached adulthood she was used to the 'second-sight' she had by night.

She wears two green-hued feathers that were taken from an injured Arhkoru, or a winged Earth Spirit. Arhkorus are said to be Earth Spirits that yearned to see the sky above and uprooted from the earth to grow wings. They're said to bring luck with them. When Tiankynai used her powers to heal the Arhkoru, it gave her two feathers in thanks, and told her that one day, if she wished for it hard enough, the Arhkoru would repay its debt.

She has full control over her earthen powers, and her inner Earth Spirit is partially awakened.

OriginBattle Prides