SpeciesOrias Numas
Birth TribeUnknown
MagicsAir Arts (Mastery)
Shadow Arts (Mastery)
Blood Arts (Minor)
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Since she was a cub, Kihzi has been practicing both Air and Shadow Arts, and is skilled enough that she has equally mastered them both. She can flawlessly alter the air around her to extreme and minor levels - altering wind currents, 'killing' breathable air in proximity of enemies, or even turn the air itself into deadly blades or to 'crush' opponents with its weight. Her father was Shadow-Marked, and that blood connection allowed her learn Shadow Arts. Shadow Arts cannot be taught to others unless they are related to one who is Shadow-Marked, so it is a more uncommon magic among Numas. Her mastery of shadows allows her to alter darkness to extremes - turning shadows into 'solid' matter or even teleporting herself by using the shadows as teleportation gateways.
When she reached adulthood, she was given the red gem she wears on her leg wrap. It has been enchanted by a Blood Oath, a type of magical bond that gives the gem the magical properties of the one who first created it. In this case, the gem used to belong to the only bloodline that had mastered Blood Arts - a type of magic mostly forgotten, due to its deadly potential. It's seen as a horrible magic art to know, and most Numas who know it do not share the knowledge of it. She is related to the bloodline, and was thus able to learn it in confidence. She has not mastered it yet, as the Blood arts require living blood from others to work. Few volunteers can be found to 'experiment' upon, and she's not the sort to try it on some unsuspecting innocent. Blood Arts allow Kihzi to always sense the presence of others, provided they have blood pumping through their veins, and allows her to change the properties of blood in others. Such an Art can be used to kill, or as it was meant for, to heal internal damage. Right now, she is able to heal the cuts and scrapes she may receive herself.