SpeciesNatural Demon / Bameizu Hybrid
TypeShore / Moon
Birth PrideUnknown
PowersMage-reading, Water Teleportation (can teleport to and from water), Scaled Armour, Hydromancy, Immunity to Heat/Cold. Underwater breathing.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A Hybrid Bameizu/Natural Demon, she is an usual mix. Natural Demons don't normally mix with Bameizu, due to differences in culture or just not crossing paths with one another. Her Mother was a Moon Bameizu, while her Father was a Shore Demon - a Natural Demon that lives upon the coastal shores, and spends most of it's time in the water. She has traits from both sides of her blood, but isn't predominately one over the other. The blue scales that are visible on her body do spread when she submerges in water; with the scales quickly replacing her fur, and covering her in a thick armour of scales that cannot be penetrated by tooth or claws. She can cause her scales to spread while on land as well, but she'd have to summon water to coat her body. She has two twin-blades made of forged obsidian, with bright green flames that are always flickering near the hilt. When she uses these blades the green flames spread to cover the obsidian blades, and the flades burn so hot that they allow for the blades to cut through anything with ease. She is the only one who can use these blades - if another tries to the flames will run up the hilt and set them aflame.