SpeciesNatural Demon
Birth PrideUnknown
PowersMage-reading, Teleportation, Infinite Telekinesis, Boundary Creation, Crystal Rest, Reality Distortion.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A Natural Demon of Boundaries, Edges, and Realities. She is the power of boundaries, the energies created by the meetings of realities and Dimensions, and the power that doesn't belong in any one place. Boundary Natural Demons are wanderers, individuals that are drawn to the edges of reality where they tie the ends or seal the gateways. When the Demon Realm was thriving they served the Zyne by ensuring the Demon Realm was separate from the living realm. They kept the realities from crumbling upon one another, and kept intruders at bay. When the Shades entered the Demon Realm, it was the Boundaries they first met - and first corrupted.
She is one of only a lucky few of Boundaries that managed to avoid being corrupted by the Shades, as she was ordered by the Zyne to leave the Demon Realm and to lock it from the other side. She placed boundaries upon the pathways, seeking to keep the corrupted spirits of her kin locked in the Demon Realm until the day the reality could be freed of its torment. Someday she'll reopen the pathways, and set right what the Shades twisted in the boundaries.
She has the power to create Boundaries - binding circles, cages, and containment fields - that can hold anything and anyone prisoner. There's no limit to how many boundaries she can set up, but all of them require a touch of attention at all times to remain active. This means that if she forgets about a boundary, it can and will crumble. She also has the ability to Distort Reality, causing shifts in the fabric of space that can temporarily cause other realms/Dimensions to bleed through an area, changing the landscapes or altering the presence of others.
There are several crystals that float just above her shoulder that act as a defensive barrier when she must rest. Because boundaries must remain alert when they have active containments, they can go a long period of time without rest. When they do sleep they're not able to completely let their mind relax without outside aid - which, in her case, is offered by the crystals. For a limited amount of time each month she is able to pass on her responsibilities to the crystals, and they maintain "focus" for her while she falls into rest. When she's resting she cannot be roused easily, so the crystals also offered protection by creating a crystal barrier around her until she awakens on her own.
She is able to teleport at will, and can freely move between realities/realms/Dimensions.

Familiar Information;
Species: Fire Spirit
Gender: Genderless
Notes: A serpentine-dragon made entirely of living flame, this Fire Spirit can change the scale of its form at will, depending on its mood. Viewing itself as the Protector of the Natural Demon it's followed since it first rose from the embers, this Fire Spirit has been a valiant friend and ally for as long as the Boundary can recall. It follows her everywhere, and judges those she interacts with as worthy or burnt-to-a-crisp.
Fire Spirits are born from unattended flames, in those moments where a Natural Demon would be likely to rise from the inferno but fails to do so. They're living fire, and can create other Fire Spirits by combining with active embers.