SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideComing Storm
PrideWarrior's Blade
PowersLight Speed Movement
Lightning Absorption
Bolt Shock
Abilities Lightning Collision - Sends a bolt of lightning crashing down onto target, instantly shocking and electrocuting it.

Lightning Wave - Sends a wave of blue electricity at the target. If hit, the target is paralyzed for two hours.

Beast Of Lightning's Call - Summons a 50ft. dragon made of blue electricity. This dragon will attack or protect the target for as long as the user desires. With each bit of contact with this dragon one will be electrocuted, if contact is longer then thirty seconds one would be electrocuted to death. When the dragon is unsummoned it explodes, sending electricity in every direction. This electricity will only hurt those who are not allies.

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Ahurani
Notes Lightning is an extremely rare element that is usually only born during the season lightning storms take place on the Ice Plains. They can run just as fast as lightning moves and can absorb lightning strikes. In fact, if they're in an area where an electricty build-up is, they'll act like a magnet and attract all that energy to themselves.
The lightning bolt on her tail can be used as a blade, which can cleanly slice through flesh and bone is desired. The bolts on her ears and tail are also powerful enough to electrocute anything living they come into contact with to death. Ahurani can control this, so a friend won't be electrocuted to death unless she becomes angry and loses her control.