Amaunet & Amuun-Ra

SpeciesRaveen KatRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknownUnknown
PrideEarth's CallingEarth's Calling
Slayer, Elemental Class (Master)
Summon Butterflies
Twin Connection
Ability Immunity (Fire, Water, Magic, Dream, Drowned, Torture, Panic & Curse)
Terramancy (Amuun-Ra Only)
Hydromancy (Amuun-Ra Only)
Abilities Quake - Makes the ground beneath one's feet shake and crack.

Ground Slide - Ability to make the ground cave in.

Tunnel - Instantly creates an underground tunnel.

Rock Slide - Causes an avalanche of rocks.

Rock Wall - A wall of rock emerges from the ground.

Stone Cover - The fur of the user turns to stone.

Crystal Takeover - The user turns itself or another into crystal.

Crystal Shower - Instantly creates a storm of sharp, dagger-like crystals.

Limited Invisibility - Turns the user or another invisible. This effect requires concentration.

Vine Grip - Vines come out the ground and grab the target.

Thorn Throw - Thorns grow up from the ground where the user desires.

Solar Take - A large plant grows out of the ground which blocks all light. The plant then grows wings and turns in to a 100ft. green dragon.

Mist - Flowers appear that release paralyzing mist when they bloom.

Seedlings - Can create butterflies which drop seeds along the ground that explode.

Growth - The user can increase its size.

Sand Storm - The user can create a deadly storm of sand.

Quicksand - The user can turn the ground beneath the target into quicksand.

Dune Dragon - The user can summon a dragon made entirely of sand, which, when it's unmoving, has the appearance of a sand dune. The dragon will be able to breath out deadly sand storms, and can reform endlessly. It can also cause physical damage. Can be summoned to protect or attack. Will not back down until the user desires.

Rock Spear - Creates a deathly sharp spear out of rock which is thrown at the target in a wave of smaller needle-sized spears.

Rock Avalanche - Creates a huge avalanche of rock, which can easily crush bones and render a target dead.

Overgrowth - Creates an impassable barrier of rock and trees, instantly.

Earthen Shield - Creates a green misty shield around the user, blocking all physical attacks and any abilities that take on a physical form. T he shield can also be thrown at the target in the form of a ring wave, which crushes anything in its path that is non-living and instantly paralyzes anything living. While paralyzed, the target cannot speak. If the twins combine this ability, the shield blocks all abilities and physical attacks. The ring wave will also crush the bones of anything living that it hits. Others can be shielded when right next to the twins. It cannot block powers in either case.

Earth's Followers - Summons twenty 10ft. tall dragons made of rock, crystal, or earth. Each dragon heals instantly and can burrow under the ground. Their teeth are five inches in length and razor sharp. These dragons will not back down until the user desires.

Danger's Sight - As soon as a Raveen with evil intent enters the area, the twins vanish from sight. This will only work on up to two individuals of evil intent.

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Amaunet & Amuun-Ra
Notes Amaunet and Amuun-Ra were born on the day of the Eclipse. For both of them, their elemental mutation is found on their tails, in the form of leaves. Amuun-Ra has two, while Amaunet has only one. They have the twin connection, allowing them to sense each other's emotions and location, as well as speak to each other through a mindlink. They share the same abilities, and can combine them, making them twice as powerful.
Amaunet wears a stone amulet which allows both of them to Soul-Read. The butterflies are bonded to the twins, so they'll be forever flitting about. When in danger, the butterflies will multiply, becoming thousands in mere seconds. They will then become electrically charged and will create a barrier around the twins. Once the danger is gone, the copies will vanish.
Amaunet and Amuun-Ra faced their inner Demons in the form of their worst fears - they are most afraid of losing each other, and are inseparable. Having defeated their Demons, they became Semi-Gods, and the strength of their abilities increased dramatically. With their link and ability to share and combine their strengths, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

(Elemental Class)
Erupting Earth - The targeted earth explodes in a fury of rocks, spikes, and silver properties. Any Shade Warriors caught in the direct blast will be blown apart, and shredded by the silver.

Rock Meld - The Slayer is able to become its surroundings, melding into the terrain so perfectly that no enemy would be able to cause it harm or tell where the Slayer is. Purely defensive.

Silver Encased - Allows the Slayer to change the properties of anything earth-based, so that it is made entirely of silver. Can be useful to turn weapons or nearby objects into silver for combat.

Unstable Earth - Causes the earth to shudder, rock, and tremble in bursts of magnetic pulses. Creates an unsteady environment for enemies, making it hard for them to get a sturdy grip on the ground beneath them. If an enemy falls, it is unlikely they'd be able to get back up.

Shade's Respite - Causes Shade Warriors to be unable to retake physical form once they've turned into their sand forms. When in their sand forms they cannot cause physical damage, but an Earthen Slayer can completely control the sands and turn the sands silver - killing the Warriors mercilessly.

World's Mercy - The earth opens beneath a target, and devours their entire being. They are buried alive, crushed in the earth, and Shade Warriors are destroyed by a taint of silver in the soils.

Earth's Fury - Allows the Slayer to alter the earth around them so severely that they could collapse an entire area, trap enemies in a chosen area, or turn the earth in a full-scale area to silver. Can also be used to heal any damage done to an area.

Black Shell - Surrounds the target, or a group of them, in an unbreakable shell of black ice. The shell will remain for only up to an hour, and is best used when trapping an enemy so that a killing blow may be made, or to trap enemies so that an escape may be made possible.

Vapour Trail - The Slayer summons a spectral water serpent, of varying size, to track and monitor all nearby enemies. The serpent will not be visible to enemies, and can be used to track down allies as well. Once it's use has expired, the serpent will dissolve. Requires minimal energy to maintain, and the spectral serpent can reveal illusions and magic traps that may be active in an area.

Water Victor - Summons a wave of frosty waters to the battlefield, banishing any and all magics that have taken on a physical form, or causing traps to activate and for their effects to be absorbed harmlessly by the water.

Mist Derail - Turns the Slayer or targeted ally into intangible mist, protecting it from harm as long as the Slayer is able to uphold it's energy level.

AbilitySummon Sun Dragon
NotesOru's wings are not attached to his body, which is a major mutation. They do still allow him to fly, however. He can burn anything he touches if he chooses, and can also blow fire. Must chase butterfly!