SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideDemon's Dance
PrideBloodied Altar
Self-Healing (Fast)
Ability Immunity (Instant Kill)
Sacrifice Ritual
Abilities Sacrifice - Instantly kills the target, by causing its heart to explode in a mockery of a self-sacrifice. The pain is instant, and the target lives just long enough to register what's happened to it.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Auhuur has thick, black-violet scales upon her cheeks, front legs, back and tail. These scales can be harmed neither by teeth nor claw, but can be damaged by extremely sharp edges. They are immune to burns. She has a rather interesting wing type, in that her wing aren't connected to her back or shoulders at all. Rather, her wings wrap arouns, emerging from the front of her torso, which makes them rather useless when it comes to flying. Auhuur's wings are almost always wrapped around her in a mockery of a hood and cape, with the fingers of the wings wrapping around to her forehead, where they hold a small red gem. The area in which her wings emerge from her body also holds a still-beating heart. This is actually Auhuur's own heart, exposed to the world and always bleeding, though it is invulnerable to harm unless the red gem on her forehead is crushed. Both her heart and the gem are shielded by an aura, and it would take a direct spiritual blow to the gem to damage either. She has a bone cut through each ear as a decoration. Her eyes are silver on blue, and always glowing.
As a Sacrificial Kat, Auhuur can perform ritualistic sacrifices to summon dark creatures, generally made of bloody corpses, to aid her. The size and strength of such creatures depend on what, or who, she sacrifices.