SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PowersSoul-reading, Shadow Teleportation (Can teleport to and from shadows), Hypnotic Voice, Thrall, Immune to Hypnotic Suggestion/Thralls of Others, Levitation (uncontrolled).
OriginBattle Prides
Notes As a Vampire Kat, he can only survive on the blood of others. The blood of a Raveen Kat will sustain him the most, so it's important that he finds a reliable blood source (or three). The more hungry a Vampire Kat becomes, the more dangerous they are to others and themselves. He has a Hypnotic Thrall that gives his voice the ability to sway those of lesser-minds to do as he tells them to.
He has the power of levitation, but he's never quite been able to control it completely. He's always levitating off the ground, never able to touch it with his own paws no matter how much he twists his body about. The ground is always just slightly out of reach.
He once had a large Zethn Dragon under his Thrall. It was so strongly affected by his Thrall, that even when it died its skeleton remained attached to the Thrall. It now follows him around and does his every bidding, with no free will of it's own, and no need to feed or sleep. It's like a really, really, big puppet. It's a massive Dragon skeleton that burrows through the ground, usually only exposing it's head or claws at any one time. It can teleport through the earth, so it's always able to continuously follow it's master.
The markings on the skull were put there by the Vampire Kat. He carved and painted them on, since the skeleton was lacking any personality or uniqueness of it's own anymore. (the Zethn Dragon it had been was a grumpy sort of fellow, but had been enamored with the Vampire to the point of blindness.)