SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideTime Eternal
PrideSummer Rain
PowersSelf-Healing (Instant)
Advanced Senses
Abilities Nature's Eternal - Fully heals and/or ressurrects the target/user. Is powerful enough to restore lost limbs or organs, and restore energy.

Spoken Silence - Strips the target of all abilities for up to one hour, and also causes confusion in the target. The confusion that this ability results in will make it impossible for the target to gather itself enough to fight, or defend itself. After one hour, all effects wear off.

Grasp Of Eternity - The ground beneath the target(s) instantly caves in, with vines erupting from the broken ground in a rabid frenzy. These vines will grab the target(s) and make it impossible for them to get away, including escape by abilities and powers. If the user wishes, the vines can tighten their grip enough to kill the target(s), or pull off limbs for torture.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Both of Cefiruus' eyes are pale blue. His wings are similar to his father's, made of rock and leaves, but are smaller and not capable of flight. His leaves do not change color with the season, and if ripped or damaged, they will regenerate instantly.
His senses are far more refined that those of a normal Raveen. He can tell where another Kat is just by listening to the wind and noting changes in the atmosphere. Thanks to his Nature lineage, he can tell when something is near him, and whether it is there to cause harm or not, without relying on any psychic sense or magic. This means that he is highly alert of anything around him, so it is unlikely anyone would be able to sneak up on him.