SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideEarth's Calling
Night Vision (Perfect)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Silver-Touched Terrakinesis (Advanced)
Forest Sense
Silver Claws
Abilities Forest Sight - An ironic ability that momentarily takes away the sight of a target, and gifts them with a Forest Raveen's natural ability to sense things through the earth. For a creature who hasn't grown up with the ability, it's beyond overwhelming, and is in essence a sensory overload that can cause the target an absurd amount of pain, completely disabling them for days.

Earthen Guardian - Summons a rock centipede-like creature from the earth below, its size and length depending on the user's desire. Able to freely meld and unmeld with the earth, this guardian creature is able to move freely about, and in a too-fast manner to follow properly. It can completely decimate a group of creatures in the matter of moments, attacking from below where it cannot t be physically damaged. It remains in the area until the user unsummons it, or falls unconscious.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Forest Raveens are an Element that descends from a particular area, known as the Furarr Nulan-Vi Vore, or Forest of the Watchful Ones. It is a massive acreage of mountainside forests that Earth Elements predominantly own. Forest Kats are raised in very close-knit Prides, where they learn to value the importance of friendly ties and family, as well as how important it is to be able to handle themselves. Like the Mountain Element had been before them, they are somewhat tribal in upbringing. When a Forest reaches a certain age they're taught how to hunt, and as a rite of passage they're sent out on a solo hunt which, upon completion, grants them the rank of Kasiruga, or Spirit Warrior, from their peers. It is the entrance into adulthood, and after it has been done, the Forest is seen as a adult by the others, and is free to leave the Furarr Nulan-Vi Vore - as a Kasiruga it is said the Forest leaves with the blessing of the Watchful Ones, the Earth Spirits.
If Gaia is wounded, her blood is a dark, emerald green. She grew up in a family made up of Healers, both Slayers and non-ranked individuals who had studied the art of healing for generations. Her Mother was not a Slayer, but was rather a natural healer, who looked to the knowledge of plants and other natural elements to heal ailments and wounds. Forests are umatched in their ability to find plants with certain properties, and it is said that the Forest Kats were the ones to even introduce plants as healing agents. Before she left her homeland, her mother gave her several plants, and taught her extensively on how to use - and find - them. In the pouch wrapped around her side, she has many dried plants that are capable of healing sickness, poisons, stopping the immediate flow of blood in an open wound, and the more rare plants that can cause a wound to heal near-instantly, knock a patient unconscious, or lull them back to the waking world. The pouch is always filled to the brim with these plants, as she was taught to always be prepared.
Her Father was the Slayer, Healer Class, who was taught an equal balance of fighting and healing arts. He was away much of the time when she was growing up, having been an active member of a Guild, until he decided to return to their homeland after the Guild suffered a great loss. When he returned to his family, his daughter was entering her teenhood, and he took the time to teach her the arts of defense. He did not want her to leave the Forest homeland without being able to handle herself in battle situations. Before she left, and after gaining the rank of Kasiruga, her Father gave her two things - the partial face-mask made of earth minerals and feathers, and the silver ring that she wears strapped to her left thigh. The facial mask is embued with magical elements, carrying with it a silver mini-orb that is always glowing. It's an Artifact called the Earthkin Solace, and its power is to protect the wearer, causing Earth powers to be tinted with silver minerals, and allowing for the full temperature controls of the earth magics that might otherwise not be possible, such as melting earth in to lava, or gaining a frosty edge.
The silver ring is a bladed circlet of a weapon. It has four main blades on it, and is controlled by telekinesis. It is bonded to Gaia's aura, so only she can control its movements.
Gaia's terrakinetic powers are advanced enough to allow her to affect large-spanned areas in a matter of seconds. Her claws are pure silver, and deadly sharp, due to the exposure to Kanox Essence when she was younger.
Like all Forest Kats, Gaia has the power to sense anything through the 'eyes of the trees and roots' of a forest. This sensory power is not psychic in any way, and is more of a sensory magic that requires the physical touch of the earth beneath one's paws to work properly. It allows Gaia to get an idea of the surrounding area, to gain a visual through feeling the weight and fluctuations in a forested area. Since telepathic abilities are relatively useless in this day and age, Forest Kats are surprisingly gifted with a unique way of seeing what lies beyond one's visual range.

PowersEnhanced Natural Senses
NotesA Nuya is a small furry mammal that is a cross between a squirrel and a chinchilla. They are only found in the mountains, and only ever bond to Earth Elements. They are said to be creatures created by the Spirits to watch over the lands, and with the Nuya's natural ability to sense danger in anything, they're quite useful to have around. They are on the same level of sentience as Mimics, but do not have the capability for magic usage. Instead, they rely heavily upon their natural senses alone. A Nuya can sense poison in anything, an ability that a Forest Kat can't always detect, such as plants being poisoned by nearby soil. These small creatures can also understand the necessary remedies needed for ailments. They're a kind of mini-helper to natural healers, because if the Forest Kat is injured in some way the Nuya can usually use the dried plants to allow for some healing.