SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideSacred Order
PrideTwilight Vanguard
Heat Resistance
Self-Healing (Instant)
Water Breathing (Perfect)
Hydrokinesis (Advanced)
Pyrokinesis (Advanced)
Abilities Qagan Yi - (Quick Death) - Instantly turns the target to steam, killing it.

Yaraji - (Suffering) - The target is thrown into an invisible portal which literally sends them to a hellish reality where pain and suffering will haunt them for as long as the user desires. While in this reality the target can take damage, and the user has full control over which creatures appear in these realities as well as how much damage is dished out. When this ability is deactivated the target is returned to where it was originally hit with it - complete with any wounds it gained, if it's still living. Can be used on more than one target at once.

Naraii Su Na - (Threat Of The Living) - Summons a 30ft. long serpent which will attack/protect the target(s). This serpent has the power to control both fire and water, as well as create it. Very powerful, this serpent can literally turn a target's bones to dust if it manages to wrap around and crush the thing. Will not back down until the user desires. Is not considered a normal summon as the serpent(s) summoned are actual living creatures taken from another reality. So they aren't really considered an ability.

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Jhalsuun
Notes Jhalsuun's wings are a unique mix of fin and dragon wing, and are surprisingly able to provide flight. He has two fins on both sides of his body which help him to glide through water a bit faster. His head, like his fins and wings, is not covered in fur but in a tough whale-like skin which is not easily penetrated by claws or teeth. He has a fin in front of both of his ears, which give the impression that he has four ears while in reality he only has two. Jhalsuun is an excellent swimmer.
The bone bracelet he wears bears silver carvings of Orcle's symbol, an eye, a feather, and a pyramid with a blue gem in the center. While this piece of jewelry currently contains no power, this may change, as it has the potential to be much more than a decoration.
From infancy, Jhalsuun has recieved trained from the Sacred Order's members. He has learned respect, as well as how to fight and stand up against the strongest of the strong. He is, however, at odds over wanting to start fights and wanting to shy away from them. This isn't by choice, but more because his parents are elements which naturally conflict.
His family Pride, as mentioned before, is Sacred Order. It is, however, a very secretive Pride, very different from any others, and Jhalsuun does not speak of its secrets . It's how he was raised. He has only one marking, though while this isn't normal to other Raveens, it is normal to him, and is a symbol of power.
His pyrokinesis and hydrokinesis are exceptionally well-developed, as his parents are two of the Ancients. This means he could create a giant flood or make an entire island go up in flames with a simple desire. However, as these powers conflict, they cannot be used at the same time, unless he wishes to create smoke or steam.
Jhalsuun's Mysticism comes from the powers granted to his parents within the Sacred Order. He can alter the natural world, such as cause a tree to sprout up where it wasn't before, dry up a small river, or turn rain into blood. It also works similarly to a Seer's insight, acting as a guide, like a voice on the wind. It warns him of what is to come, who is trustworthy and who isn't, where danger lies and where the safer route can be found.
Upon late teenhood, when the world was thrust in to the later-time that it now resides within, there was a residual ripple left in the timestream. This ripple was responsible for the kick-back effect shown on the CotO born to the last Eclipse, making them not have the power of the current CotO, but the ones they would've had if they were born in the past. This, however, wasn't the only effect of the ripple.
It was almost sentient in the way it sensed what needed to be corrected, what didn't belong where it was thrown. Yet it wasn't. More faulty than anything, it caused another kickback with results that changed a few things. One of these things, and perhaps the only one anyone would be able to take notice of now, was the Cross-Dimension the time-ripple created. This Cross-Dimension was an odd bridge between the times, and seemed to randomly pluck entities from their timestream.
Jhalsuun was one of the Raveens taken from the current timeline, and tossed in to this temporary Cross-Dimension. It was an odd mix of the past and future, having mountains where there used to be Valleys, and the beginnings of a fissure where the Border would have gone. The Valley of Thunder, where Jhalsuun would've ended up, had been morphed in to a cross between its current setting and the one of old.
It was a mountainous area, full of all different types of forests that seemed unnaturally merged together. Part rainforest trees-part normal ones. Like some freakish nightmare, or like the world was confused upon which appearance to take on. Knowing this was not a place to remain, and his Mysticism screaming at him to get out there, he fled the horrible vision of Thunder Valley and moved further in to this mangled world. It was two days travel before he came across anyone else, and when he did he was even more confused than ever.
He came across a Raveeness who was not a mix, but not a pureblood either. It, like the Valley before, was a morphing of two seperate Raveenesses that were squished together by this Cross-Dimension. She looked part of an Ash Raveeness, part of a Black Magic, and a hint of something else. She was mostly Raveen, but her wings and scales upon her back seemed to imply Dragon as well.
She was unaware of her oddities, and seemed perfectly normal aside from her looks. She had spoken to Jhalsuun about the quiet nature of "their world", but how she found it odd how there were so few of them now. She told the teen a tale of what the world used to be like, saying things like how the world was once "perfect", and not "unclean", and that there was something like a "master" missing.
Needless to say, her ramblings didn't make much sense so Jhalsuun had attempted to question her. The most he got out of her was more ramblings on the "master", but near the end of her tirade he discovered this "master" was not a living being, but rather an object that had been stolen from its holding.
His sixth-sense, normally angled at the warning of a natural disaster, now seemed to tell him something else. There was something about this object called the "master" that his soul was telling him he needed to find it. That it would be his way out of this Cross-Dimension.
Not knowing where he was going, Jhalsuun set out away from the freakish Raveeness and began to wander. He had a feeling of where his destination was, his Mysticism seeming to act like a radar locating a lost beacon. He kept a low profile as he travelled, and came across many other disfigured and crossed creatures, one that to this day he still couldn't put a paw on what exactly it had been a mix of - only knowing one of the creatures had been an equine Demon of some sort.
It was six days in to this world that he found himself coming face to face with a creature that would've haunted the dreams of any young Raveen. It was bloody and gruesome, with disfigured and broken limbs sticking out of partially chewed flesh and twisted claws that emerged from overly large black paws. It had no face, but instead a mask of pure white which was strapped over it's skull with black belts. Blood seeped through the cracks where eyeholes should've been, and from between the belts that were almost too tight.
But what caught Jhalsuun's attention was what was caught in this creature's mangled jaws. It looked like a bone mask, and was stuck between two of the creature's large teeth. His senses told him that this was what the Raveeness had said was missing. That this was the "master".
Through an epiphany of sorts, Jhalsuun then realised that this hadn't been accident. That him coming to this Cross-Dimension was not some random event. This was his Trial. His quest.
And that is when he struck. He called upon his powers of fire, and sought to burn the creature alive. It was resistant to the flames, and struck out at the Raveen. Jhalsuun barely missed having his head ripped clean off.
Learning from his mistake, he quickly backpedalled out of the creature's immediate range, taking to the air. Next he tried to summon water to drown the ghastly beast, only to find it didn't need to breathe.
With no other option, and not wishing to die, Jhalsuun did the other thing he could do now. He attempted to change this distorted world by turning the cliffs nearby in to razor-sharp spikes, and turned the ground beneath the creature in to a slick incline. He used his powers over water to make the ground even more slippery, and kept to the safety of the air.
The creature was so heavy that it easily began to slide forward, but tried its best to put up a fight. Before it went over the edge, the creature's mask started to gain markings around the eyes and forehead, and it's form started to take on a more cleaner form.
Jhalsuun was startled by this transformation, and something about the mask and markings seemed to scream bloody murder at him. Something about the whole thing startled his mind, and shook him to the core. And a story his parents once told him, when he was so young and before he had left the wild, nagged at his senses. But he couldn't recall why.
The creature's transformation was stopped by it's abrupt impalement upon the silvery speaks. It's dying scream was loud, and a mixture of so many different types of creatures that it was the most gruesome death call to ever be heard.
When it was safely dead, no longer moving and it's blood no longer running fresh, Jhalsuun landed. He watched the dead creature silently for a few minutes, studying it's mask and trying to make sense of the fear it inspired in him.
His study was cut short when the mask split in to, and parts of the creature's body turned to black ash. It's mouth was one of the affected areas, and the bone mask that had been lodged in the massive creature's jaws landed upon the rocky ground with a light clank.
Jhalsuun slowly moved forward to retrieve his prize, and lifted the mask up. He could now see it clearly, and was surprised to find that the bone mask had the carving of Orcle's Symbol upon it.
Hanging from the open mouth of this mask were two silver-links that held two red-tipped bits of fur. And when Jhalsuun turned the mask over, he could see the inscription upon the mask.
"To see the world as it should be, to never change what cannot last, this is my Oath. To see through my eyes, to never forget my heart, this is my Will. Time always changing, but with the Master's sight and heart, there is only the Soul left to stand."
The words were written in the Ancient Tongue, and at the bottom of the words there was another inscription which read: "Whoever yields this mask, shall know the Soul."
Jhalsuun couldn't make sense of the words, but knew they were somehow important. He put the mask upon his shoulder, using the maroon belts to firmly place it there, before deciding to leave the area. His sixth sense told him that his Quest was now done, and that it was time to find the Raveeness who had given him it to him.
It took three days to track her down, and when he eventually found the morphed Raveeness she didn't immediately recognize him. It was only when he mentioned the "master" did she realize who he was.
"You found it then." It had been the first words she had spoken that were not ramblings, not complete jibberish, and her very voice seemed different. "The Soul of the World. The Alchanos-Nu Var."
The Raveeness smiled. "It's yours now. As long as you can restore this world, and use its abilities, then you may return to the world you belong to. For if you can prove yourself the master of the Alchanos-Nu Var, then you have no place here."
Jhalsuun had frowned in confusion, and had removed the mask from his shoulder. He looked upon the mask, primarily the symbol of Orcle carved in to it, and attempted to tap in it's powers. At first nothing happened, and he made to give up, only to have his polished-bone bracelet start to react to the mask.
Startled, Jhalsuun had looked at his bracelet, where the blue gem embedded in the eye had now begun to glow feverishly. The feather had started to darken, and the Pyramid had started to pulsate with light. A fourth glow brought his attention back to the mask, where Orcle's symbol was now beginning to glow blue, and stretch out in a pattern of writing that was too quick for Jhalsuun to read.
Wind started to pick up, and Jhalsuun heard words upon the wind which were spoken in such a heavenly voice that he swears it was Orcle herself speaking. It spoke of the world as it should be, of the unchanged state of mortality, of how nothing should ever be misplaced.
He looked up, as the world around him started to fade away, at the Raveeness who still stood in front of him. She was grinning a little, her mismatched eyes seeming to appear blue and red instead of gold and white now. "Take care of yourself, Master of the Alchanos-Nu Var."
That's when the world shattered, and the Cross-Dimension faded from existence. Jhalsuun was returned to the current time, with the mask still in his possession, and his Quest complete.

ArtifactAlchanos-Nu Var (Soul Of The World)
ElementMask/Shoulder Armor
Notes The Alchanos-Nu Var is a mysterious artifact, and not much is known about it. The only thing that can be claimed is that it once belonged to Orcle herself, that somehow she had come to misplace it in the mortal world. That it had two pieces, one a mask, the other bracelet, and that it would only work if one possessed both items.
When activated, the bracelet acts as a key, and the Symbol of Orcle upon the mask begins to glow. Words in the ancient tongue appear on the mask for a split-second, before its powers take effect. Its powers are Dimension-Oriented, being able to fix misplaced auras, and remove entities from areas with a single thought. It has the power to create pocket Dimensions, and send 'prisoners' to these areas. Only the pocket Dimensions last merely a day, and then the 'prisoner' is returned to it's original area.
It also has the power of Time, and can slow certain areas of time, or even bring it to a complete stop. This power is limited in that it can only affect selections of time, such as a single enemy, an attack, or a fall. It cannot affect an entire group or sequence of events. It can also effect the advancement of a being's powers, putting blocks on them that only fade away when the entity is powerful enough to control them, or permanently locking them away.