MeaningWalker Of Spirits / Spirit Walk
SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideEarth's Calling
Earth Sense
Fire Immunity
Climate Shift Immunity
Teleportation (At Will - Through Earth)
Earth-Spirit Control
Nature Nullification
X'ysahtu Whisper Immunity
Earth-Spirit Sight
Night Vision (Perfect)
Aura Vision
Instant Kill Immunity
Earth-Based Power Immunity
Mind Control/Thrall/Manipulation Immunity
Soul Damage Susceptibility
OriginBattle Prides
Notes The plant-like growths at her shoulders are immune to harm. Her nature nullification refers to her inability to cause damage to the natural world around her.
A walking sentinel of the earth, the Spirits of X'ysahtu viewed Jiaysah'a as the embodiment of all things nature, and all things that they themselves represented. She was the first to have been bonded with an earth spirit, when by accident the earth spirit had bound itself to her earthly nature and became one with her. It caused her once volatile mutation to instantly stabilize itself, calming and mellowing itself out as the mutation settled into the form it now takes. She is a walking vessel of the earth and forests, her body made of plants, trees, dirt, roots, and rocks. She has no need to eat anything, her body is instead kept alive by water, sunlight, and the nutrients the roots of her tail find in the soils. Through her connection with different areas, she can actually understand and 'listen' to events that have taken place there. An ability to bear witness to things she had no way of seeing with her own eyes, Jiaysah'a was able to 'see' the history of X'ysahtu and actually learned through finding long-buried fossils that Raveen-like creatures once lived upon the planet.
She learned of the sudden sweeping war that killed them off and caused the orbits of X'ysahtu and Reavia'et to get caught in one another, leading to the collision of the two. She also learned that the planet itself was dead, kept alive only by the spirits who were strong enough to keep the soils and atmosphere alive. Such knowledge was unsettling, and something she hadn't shared with her Tribe-mates as she didn't feel it was something for her to share. That the deaths of those long-dead creatures were something to be mourned in silence, and not gossiped about in a world that had gone millenias without them. The spirits seemed pleased by her decision to remain silent on her findings.
When she reached adulthood, and it was time for her to take her trial with the Treeko'ra, she found herself unafraid of the upcoming meeting between it and herself. She viewed the Treeko'ra as necessary, and if she was a sentinel of peace to the Spirits, then the Treeko'ra was a sentinel of necessary evil. Their meeting was a quiet, uneventful thing. The Treeko'ra had simply taken the form of something almost resembling herself, gazed at her silently, and left.