SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWarrior's Blade
PrideEbon Shadow
PowersTelekinesis (Mild)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Shadow Sense
Abilities Lightning Descent - Causes a whirlwind of red lightning to descend upon an area. The lightning will instantly cause fire to catch upon anything non-living it touches, while causing immense pain for anything living that crosses it path. This lightning does not result in paralysis, but rather painful explosions and fire.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Kanden has some natural fighting skills, as both of her parents were trained Demon Hunters. Like her father, she has mismatched wings. While they prevent her from flying long distances, they do not hinder her in covering short ones. She's not likely to be able to fly for more than an half an hour at a time. She wears silver leg armor on her back legs, and has two sharp pieces of silver wrapped to her dragonic wing. Tied to her front left leg is a silver weapon that she can control via telekinesis. She can remove it from its wrappings and use it like a curved sword, or keep it tied to her leg and use it as a more of a defensive weapon. It is extremely sharp, and it will have no problems cutting through flesh. Her ears are similar to her mother's, as they have red lightning-like bolts that flicker off them. They're even sharper than her weapons, and have a burning edge that can cause extreme pain and deadly wounds. Kanden can see even through shadows, and can sense the presence of others in darkness.