SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideDemon's Dance
Blood Sense
Night Vision (Perfect)
Hypnotic Gaze
Bone Morph
Abilities Evisceration - Causes the target's lower body to be instantly cut open from the inside, as the organs are forcibly pulled from the body. Results in a rather painful death as the target's organs are thrown upon the ground.

The End Is Now - The area around the target instantly becomes highly explosive, and upon the target's next move the ground/trees/rocks/entire area explode. Usually results in the target being obliterated, or very severely torn up.

Broken - The target's bones are snapped from inside, starting with the legs, then moving upwards as the ribcage, then spine, and lastly the neck are broken in to pieces. Can result in death, or just immense pain that can knock the target out cold for weeks.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Kikotsu can sense the lingering presence of anything living through the aura of their blood. Anyone who locks eyes with him will fall under his hypnotic gaze, allowing him to alter their immediate thoughts. His body is covered in blackened bones that can pulled off, spewing blood from the previous area they were in. He can use them as weapons, or mix and match them around on his body. He can change his form by forcing the black bones into his flesh, to merge with his skeleton, breaking and severing them however he desires. While he can't change his size too drastically, he can alter his form enough to change species. His coloring never changes. The two bone-like limbs protruding from his shoulders can be transformed into wings. Pulling his exposed ribs upward and melding the bones with these limbs will cause blood webs to weave across them. His eyes, glowing blue, as always rimmed in fresh blood. While he has no ears, he has perfect hearing, picking up vibrations through his wing ears.