SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideElectric Demons
PrideProtector's Oath
Demon Flames
Ability Immunity (Water, Life, Fate, Nightmare, Bone, Chaos, Beast & Fear)
Abilities Fire Paw - The user's front paws turn into flames, burning everything they touch.

Fire Wave - Sends a wave of fire at the target.

Fire Storm - A storm of fire falls upon the target. An ultimate ability.

Ash Paw - Simillar to Fire Paw, except the user's paw does not turn to flames. Anything the user touches will burst into flames, though.

Ash Wave - Sends a wave of ash at the target, which explodes and burns when it hits.

Fire Enclosure - The target is trapped entirely in flames.

Smoke Burn - Creates a cloud of smoke which burns the target.

Smoke Cover - Hides everything, including the user, in a veil of smoke.

Fire Flash - Causes a blinding flash of light, which is immediately followed by a wave of fire and burning smoke.

Steam Wave - Sends a wave of steam at the target, burning anything in its path.

Steam Explosion - Creates an explosion wherever the user desires. The explosion produces steam, which will burn and boil anything it touches.

Steam Rogues - Summons a flock of steam eagles. The eagles will attack the target and will not back off until the user desires. The eagles can burn anything they touch.

Blue Wave - Sends a wave of blue fire at the target which covers anything it touches in a layer of ice.

Fiery Wall - Creates a wall of blue fire which freezes anything that touches it.

Fiery Rooks - Summons a flock of crows that are made of blue fire. The crows will not back off until the user desires and can freeze anything they touch.

Raised - Raises the heat inside the target's body, making its blood boil.

Temperature Paw - The user's paws become hotter than lava, allowing them to burn and melt anything they touch.

Heat Wave - The ability to create a wave of immense heat which can instantly render the target unconcious or even dead.

Light Cloak - The user's entire form is morphed into light, allowing for fast movements and the ability to dodge any damage.

Light Wave - Sends a wave of light at the target, blinding them for up to ten minutes.

Light's Invincibility - The user or target is veiled in light. This effect will fully heal whoever is covered by it.

Dark Cloak - Covers up to one mile in total and utter darkness. When the darkness is present, no light can be created at all, nor can any be seen.

Dark Wave - Sends a wave of darkness at the target, blinding them for up to twenty minutes.

Dark's Invincibility - The user or target is veiled in darkness. This effect will fully heal the user, or can cause great pain for the target, causing wounds to appear instantly.

Dragon's Inferno - Calls forth a wave of fire which is powerful enough to cover an entire planet. Illusions cannot use this ability.

Lava Turn - Turns the ground beneath the target into lava, instantly burning and melting it. Illusions cannot use this ability.

Lava Outburst - Creates an great explosion of lava wherever the user desires. Illusions cannot use this ability.

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Mahes
Notes Mahes was born on the day of the Eclipse. Her elemental mutation is her wings, which are made of flame. Her wings do not touch her body - they kind of float above her fur. This does not slow down her flying skills in any way. She can control the intensity of her wings, from lightly scorching an opponent to covering it in flames. She could even fry something into ash by forcing her wings through it.
Mahes has the same recessive gene as her mother for the odd fur colors. Her control of fire has been extended quite a bit. She can control the body heat in others, either by increasing it to boil them from the inside, or remove it entirely, leaving them freezing and in a state of near death. Her flame control can also now take on physical form. This means that what she can create from fire can become solid, such as flaming blades, or the form of a dragon. She can also turn herself into flames and reform through them elsewhere, like a form of fast transportation, or teleportation.
Mahes faced her inner Demon, and lost the battle, becoming a Semi-Demon. The strength of her powers and abilities has increased, and given them a demonic touch. She can create Demon Flames, which are pitch black, and far more deadly that normal fire. The flames do not burn flesh, but attacks the essence of a target, and weakens it to the point where abilities and powers cannot be used. The fire can also destroy multiple targets by engulfing them and turning them into smoke, leaving not even ash behind. She can also cover others in this black fire, but instead of killing them, she can take control of them. This allows her to puppet them for as long as they are covered in flame. The demon fire will not always burn, as it depends on what Mahes desires.

AbilityTime Stop
ParentageRaziel x Erii
NotesRehel's ability functions by borrowing power from Mahes, and the time freeze lasts for up to five minutes, during which only Rehel and Mahes will be unaffected. He absolutely adores perching on Mahes' head, and he has a blue mane all the way down to his tailtip.