SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PowersMage-reading, Teleportation, Pyrokinesis (green flames), Metal Body, Obsidian Shield, Morality Alteration, True Sight, Virtuous Aura.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Not all Virtues are peaceful, and not all virtues are born of honour. Those that believe Virtue Kats to embody all that is virtuous in the Dimensions are often mistaken. Virtue Kats are remnants of war, and the echoes of fallen warriors burns through their veins. There are those that seek to do right by those whispers of the past, and others that use those whispers to alter the world to their own desires. One's Element does not decide their deeds, nor does it mark them as different or wrong should they choose a different path than what was intended for them.
Virtue Kats are Wish Dimensionals, and often misunderstood. They can be born with wings, but they're often flightless and arched in a way to make the Virtue Kat look like a regal statue from afar.
He has the power of Pyrokinesis, but all the fire he creates (or manipulates) turn to a sickly neon green the moment his power takes hold of them. This has the added benefit of hiding the properties of the flames he controls, as he can take control over Demon Flames (normally black) or Spirit Flames (usually spirit-blue) and cause them to be green while keeping their damaging properties intact.
His wings are made of obsidian, and he has bits of obsidian floating above his head. It's impossible to harm these obsidian areas, and they can be used as shields as they'll block any and all powers that have a physical form.