Mirodai Thunduurrage

NameMirodai Thunduurrage
SpeciesRaveen Kat
ElementDeath Mage
Birth PrideThunder's Rage
PrideTwilight Vanguard
Night Vision (Perfect)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Teleportation (At Will - Self & Others)
Aura Vision (Advanced)
Life & Death
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Mirodai is, like all of his rare kind, immune to death, meaning that no harm can come upon him in any mortal form. He can be injured by a God-Blade, but never killed. Death Mages are very rare, with only one being born every five hundred years, or not at all for longer spans of time. They were born from the Chaos Mages long ago, and are full of so much raw power that the strands of life and death cannot control them. Most of the time a Death Mage would be so powerful, it would be capable of destroying an entire world without even meaning to. Of the Mages, this kind is elite, and the most feared.
Mirodai, as he calls himself now, is a Death Mage born to Meiru, a Death Mage, and Shashuun, a Chaos Mage. He is far more unpredictable than the average Death Mage, because he has pure Death Mage blood in his veins.
It was this blood that caused him such anguish when he was younger, for he had far more power than his mother ever did, and he could not understand or control it. His mother tried to help him, but was unable, and with such raw, incredible power unchecked, Mirodai destroyed the valley where he was born without intending to. He was on a crash course of destroying all of the surrounding valleys as well, when Kuunanrah, Orcle's son, appeared before him. He had heard the cries of Mirodai's mother, and took it upon himself to help the young Death Mage.
Kuunanrah gave to him the Blade Of Shattered Souls, and when Mirodai took it, he felt the great, yet tamed, power of the weapon becoming one with him. It did not happen instantly, but by having the blade in his possession, he was able to calm the power within himself, and was finally able to control it. And he was told, that as long as the Blade is his, he will be in complete command of his power. He no longer runs the risk of obliterating the lives of others.... At least, unintentionally.
The Blade Of Shattered Souls is a God-Blade, a weapon which only a God can bestow upon someone, and is actually a weapon made by one of the Gods. In this case, the Blade once belonged to Ciodh. While these weapons were once only rumors, they are proven to be more than just legend. A God-Blade can easily slice through flesh and bone, but is unique in that the physical wounds it inflicts can only be healed by a God. The Blade of Shattered Souls is made of spirit essence, allowing Mirodai to clearly see the auras and true alignment of any creature nearby. The essence blades can cause physical damage, as well as spiritual damage. The Blade can shatter a soul, breaking it so much that the being who possesses it is killed without any physical mark. Damage on a lower tier can break the use of abilities and powers, or damage the mind enough to produce a permanent coma. Spiritual damage can be undone by Mirodai while he wields the Blade.
The name which Mirodai goes by now is not the one he was given at birth. That one is lost, so to speak. He chose to change his name to Mirodai - a form of the word Miro'Dai, which means Death's Eternity. To keep his name honorable, however, he took upon the last name of Thunduurrage, which he previously did not carry. He has two sets of wings. The inner two are feathered, and the outer two are hybrid between feathered and dragon. This is a normal trait for a Death Mage.