SpeciesRaveen Kat
(Death Mage/Time Mage)
FatherMirodai Thunduurrage
Birth PrideTwilight Vanguard
PrideEternal Harmony
Self-Healing (Instant)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Self-Resurrection (One Minute)
Time Shift
Time Warp
Life & Death
OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Moebiuus
Notes The powers that Moebiuus could not control when he was younger have become managable now that he is grown. He no longer has to worry about accidentally turning someone into their past incarnate or into the ash of death without meaning to. There is, however, a slight chance that, if his emotions get the better of him, his control will slip and accidental trips backward, forward, or frozen in time may occur.
When he was a teen, Moebiuus was thrown through time, who knows how far forward or back, and if it was indeed the same timeline. The place was eerie, the sky tainted a deep violet and the moons blacker than ebony. The waters were silver, the grasses a off-white that seemed to shimmer blue when the wind picked up. The air itself smelled wrong, primal somehow. There were ruins of structures, but no signs of recent destruction.
Forced to wander somewhat aimlessly, because it seemed he wasn't leaving anytime soon, the only lifeforms he came upon would scurry out of his way. Meeting no Raveens, Azamas, Graephs or Zethns. It was as if the world had started over, and the higher lifeforms had been dispelled. It was near the twelve hour mark that he stumbled across a mostly intact structure. Designed somewhat like a seashell, it was likely to have been a shrine of some kind.
It was empty, the pedestal like rocks lining the walls crumbled and beyond repair. Yet, there was a voice he could hear, and though he might've been afraid, it was drawing him to it. When he reached the interior of the once-shrine he came upon a lone creature, blue scales alight with flickers of lighting, kreening and wailing over a discarded gauntlet and necklace.
When the creature had seen him, it stopped making its racket and just stared at Moebiuus with its beady little eyes. Rising into the air, without the aid of wings, the long serpent-creature made its way over to Moebiuus.
The word had been spoken in his mind, in his own voice, but an alien thought not his own.
The word repeated, as that serpent-like creature circled and twirled around Moebiuus. Coming to a rest on the ground right before his paws, the serpent skitter away then returned with the items clutched in its small mouth. Tail waging in an almost dog-like manner.
The creature prodded Moebiuus' paws with its muzzle, gauntlet and necklace lightly digging into him.
Almost as if some outer power had compelled him to, he had no choice but to accept the items. Though naturally he was wary of such a thing, there was something about them that made him relax at their touch. The gauntlet was placed upon his left paw, and the necklace around his neck, and right before his eyes the tarnished black metal shifted and glowed with a blue aura. Moments later, the items had been changed completely.
A black-and-white encased blue gem now hanged from his neck, held there by silver latches instead of a metal cord. The gem had a darker split in its center, giving it the image of almost being an eye. The gauntlet had changed its colours similarily, turning black and silver and gaining a replica of the gem on the necklace. Immediately after this change, Moebiuus knew that the items had converted themselves to fit his needs.
If he concentrated on it enough, he could feel the threads of time and death. Could even see them, as if the gems were indeed secondary sets of eyes. He knew without being taught what the threads around him meant; that he had been thrown forward in time, and that death had happened here on an immense level. There was scarcely any life left. He could feel no heartbeats, no soul threads of anything larger than a hare.
The words rippled through his mind, reminding him of the creature still perched on the ground before him.
Unsure of what the creature was saying now, because he had already taken the items, it took a few more repititions of the word before Moebiuus understood that the creature wanted him to take it with him. Feeling no ill vibes from the thing, he had accepted, and the creature bit him not even a blink of an eye later.
It said, when Moebiuus was sure the creature should've shrivelled up, or turned to a youngling, when he was startled by its bite. The creature had bound itself to him, gaining immunity to his powers and becoming his familiar. Its lightning didn't hurt him when it touched, instead feeling only like a spreading warmth.
It was some hours later that Moebiuus was able to return to the timeline he originated from, items, and newfound familiar, in tow.

SpeciesVesres Kameni
(Thunder-Bound Serpent)
PowersThunder Aura & Conduction Touch
NotesVesres Kameni are sentient, somewhat like a Shi-Naru, but cannot speak with their own voices. Instead, they alter the inner voice of the ones they speak with, so it's almost like they're speaking with the thoughts of them. Normally, they can speak several words at once, but this Vesres Kameni has been without sentient contact for years - and before that, her bonded wasn't one to encourage her to speak - so she speaks in broken single words. She's bound herself to Moebiuus' blood and soul, so she's immune to his powers and afflictions, and if he travels forward or back in time she goes along with him.
She is always surrounded by coils of electricity, which can paralyze or kill any threatening beings who touch her. She can also transfer electrical charges into a bloodstream to heal or destroy any poisons or alien substances in the body.