SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideFrozen Sound
PrideWarrior's Blade
BloodlinesMagic & Dark Frost (Inner - Orcle)
Source (Outer - Nemaririshta)
Gravity (Power - Ciohd)
Serenity (Wish - Doviuun)
Demon & Dark Frost (Demon - Rekshanuu)
Primal (Mystic - Le'Asha)
Twilight (Center - Voodoo)
Parasite (Void - Heiroke)
Mayhem (Hate - Nilerna)
??? (Planetary - Dartuusa)
Self-Healing (Instant)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Invisibility (At Will)
Phoenix Wings
Soul Sight (At Night)
Dimensional Teleportation (At Will)
AbilitiesMorana can tap into the second and third tier level abilities of the Dimension she enters, provided they are not unique.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Morana heals instantly when wounded, no matter how bad the damage. It would take a complete beheading to kill her. Her tail is spaded, though the spade itself is made of ice, which is sharp enough to slice easily through flesh and damage tougher Elements. The glowing fur on her back, along with her wings, are capable of fully healing anything they come into contact with, if she so desires. Her wings are not flight capable, but can erupt from her flesh to form a phoenix. This phoenix can breath blue flame and explode on contact with a target. The wings regenerate when the phoenix returns or is killed.
She can see the souls of the dead, but only during the late night hours. Her body is made mainly of ice, like her father's is, so she is naturally cold. When she is wounded or heals, it seems to melt and freeze over again. She has vampiric ice fangs, but does not have to drink blood.
Morana wears several ornaments and armor, including a bracelet of silver and gold, with white feathers. The violet symbol of Eltuunor is displayed within the bracelet's gem. Eltuunor is a Lower God of the Central Dimension, said to be Balancia's opposite, cold and frigid, but a symbol of justice, whereas his sister is merciless. He is seen as a God of fairness, but is also known for his cruel punishments. He'll freeze anyone who tries to deceive him, and send them to the Realm of the Dead.
She carries with her a long blade made of silver and gold, that is enchanted by a freezing spell. It causes anyone cut with the silver blade to have the area around the wounds turned instantly to solid ice. The ice will actually prevent fast healing from taking place, so the blade is even capable of wounding Mages and the like.
She can traverse Dimensions whenever she desires. Every time she teleports between Dimensions, the sound of shattering glass is heard quite loudly.