SpeciesRaveen Kat Hybrid
Birth PrideTwilight Vanguard
Self-Healing (Instant)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Phase (At Will)
Elemental Immunity (Ice)
Spirit Claws
Mind Blank
Teleportation (At Will)
Illukinesis (Minor)
Wind Manipulation
Sound Kill
OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Nithaiah
Notes Nithaiah heals instantly when wounded, no matter how bad the damage. It would take a complete beheading to kill her. She has some scales on her front legs, though not quite to the degree that her mother has. She has spirit essence claws on her back paws, which damage the spirit or soul of a creature instead of causing physical harm. Her horns are black. Her wings are a mix between draconic and feathered, with a pink membrane stretching over the top and bottom, much like her father's. If someone makes eye contact with her, she can cause a momentary loss of thought. Her cryokinesis works differently than in other Raveens. Due to her Earth heritage, her powers are dependant on the ground - they travel through the earth, not the air. She can only affect opponents directly in contact with the ground, or those that have a link to the ground in some manner, like a tree. Her powers run across water too, as water is in contact with land.
On Nithaiah's neck and chest, there is a splattering of dark energies, which are overlapped by forever moving tendrils of blue energy. At times, the black energy beneath them will move as well, giving the impression of a black hole scarcely contained by a mortal shell. This is not far off the mark. As a descendant of a Gate Kat, she has a natural connection to the massive portal known as the Zare Namir Kuuto, the End of Existence. Or, rather, it has a connection to her. She can feel its call in the back of her mind and the brush of its power against her soul. The blue tendrils seem to shift and react to the state of the Zare Namir Kuuto. There are times when the energy will turn violent, and electricity will actually run across the markings, or moments when the blue tendrils will nearly completely fade.
And there are times, when Nithaiah may be quite scared or determined to do something, when the blue energy will spread down her forelegs and across the ground she stands on. It will stretch out in every direction, criscrossing and burning the ground in its path. A symbol will begin to form with this energy, but it will generally dissipate before completion, as Nithaiah does not have the energy necessary to fulfill the demands of this power. Yet. With age, the symbol will progress further in its completion, but will not activate until she is an adult.