SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideEbon Shadow
PowersNight Vision (Perfect)
Wingless Flight
Abilities Dark Cloak - Covers up to one mile in total and utter darkness. When the darkness is present, no light can be created at all, nor can any be seen.

Dark Wave - Sends a wave of darkness at the target, blinding them for up to twenty minutes.

Dark's Invincibility - The user or target is veiled in darkness. This effect will fully heal the user, or can cause great pain for the target, causing wounds to appear instantly.

Shadow - Allows the user to teleport away, seemingly by turning into darkness and vanishing. The user can teleport up to ten miles away, but cannot teleport with anyone but itself.

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Nyx
Notes Nyx, being of the Dark Element, is able to see in any kind of darkness, including through shadows and abilities. Her eyes occasionally flicker with electricity, which is a common trait for Dark Kats descended from the Takruushar bloodline. Takruushar is an elder Battle Master, and the great-grandfather of Ruutak. Nyx is not a direct descendant of Ruutak, but of Ruutak's sister. She has a major mutation in the form of only having a single wing. She cannot fly with just one wing, but somehow she's able to tap into psykinetic powers which enable her to fly as if she did have two wings, with one invisible. This is probably due to the uncontrolled desire to fly that she had as an infant - both her parents had flight-capable wings.