SpeciesRaveen Kat
(Death Mage/Time Mage)
FatherMirodai Thunduurrage
Birth PrideTwilight Vanguard
Self-Healing (Instant - Time-Warp)
Regeneration (Time-Warp)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Aura Vision (Divine)
Teleportation (At Will - Disintegration)
Temporal Sight
Death Sense
Time Shift
Time Warp
Life & Death
Timeline Sensitivity
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Paradox can see both alignment and divine ties when looking at another's aura. Should she become wounded in any manner, time warps briefly, returning her to a state where such wounds had not occurred. Her wings are feathered along the top, with near transparent membrane along the bottom.
When she was younger, her time powers often got out of control. She tended to trap individuals in a repetitive loop over a day or a week, though they would be freed once the power had faded off of them. Most of her powers were dormant in her youth, so her transition into her full abilities was more gradual, and easier to handle.
Paradox is particularly sensitive to the strands of life an death, and simply knows when someone is going to die. She is also more sensitive to the flow of time, seeing 'ghosts' of past events, though these images are nearly transparent, and she can easily tell the difference between the past and the present. She can alter which timelines she sees, and can even step back into them to perceive them more clearly.
She wears a set of blue-gold-silver armor that is invulnerable to harm. There are glowing blue gems in the armor pieces that keep them sealed in a state of time where the metals were newly fused, so they cannot even take on damage. There is a holy aura to the pieces as well, one that keeps the timestream around the armor untainted. When Paradox wears this armor, she can actually tell when someone has altered the timelines, and will be alerted to the feeling of taint in the natural flow of time. She has several decorative white-brown and ebony feathers hanging off her leg-guards, with white showing prominently on one side, and black on the other.