SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideTime Eternal
Self-Healing (Instant)
Self-Resurrection (Instant)
Endless Ability Use
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Electrokinesis (Shadowed)
Ability Resistance (Half Damage)
Abilities Failed - Instantly kills the target. This ability is powerful enough to kill even those normally immune to instant kills.

Darkness' Wing - Summons two 10ft. dragons made of black electricity which will attack or protect, the target. Can electrocute by touch, and if contact is kept long enough can render a target dead. Will only back down when summoner wishes them to.

Disastrous - Calls forth any kind of natural disaster that the user desires - be it earthquake, landslide, deadly storm, tornado, anything. Will be as mild or as strong as the user desires.

Displace - Teleports the user, or another, to an area within the shadows.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Rhain'Suun is the first of his element, making him a Keeper. His eyes are a ghostly white - a feature he was not born with. His body is outlined in thin shadows at all times, which gives him a rather creepy appearance. His claws are black. The small draconic wings on his back are not flight-capable, obviously, but he can still fly. If he desires or needs to fly, a set of full draconic wings will sprout rather painfully from his back. The wounds they cause will heal instantly, but that does not dull the pain away. His small wings are always present, even when the full set is present as well. The larger wings cannot fold back into his flesh, so when he is finished with the larger set, they fall off, literally. They do not vanish after this. That really doesn't bother him though, as he can just sprout another pair when he requires their use.
He has several wounds which will never heal. The small bites from his familiars are such wounds. His ears are also ripped up a bit, and never healed after being damaged, as the one who caused the wounds prevented it, forcing Rhain to wear thick, tight, earrings. By the time he eventually removed them, Rhain's ears were permanently scarred. The wounds on his shoulder are cursed to bleed forever, and even the wound and blood are outlined in his shadow. One will note from this that his blood is pale blue, almost white. He has had the shoulder wound for so long that his fur has lightened in the spots where the blood drips.
He has never shared his past with anyone. Born to the Erosion Kat known as Nesa, and the Weather Kat Rakuu'Shanji, from birth his parents knew their son was different, but it did not bother them. For a time their family was strong, able to face any challenge. One day, however, while Rhain was out on his first hunt with his father, they encountered Nesa, possessed by some force, who was intent on killing them both. Rakuu took most of the blows Nesa threw, blocking his son from danger, while trying to get through to his mate. He had no choice but to fight back, and he called down a deadly storm of electricity. Nesa was wounded by this, but still under someone else's control, and she caused a huge explosion which opened a rift in time upon her mate. Rakuu'Shanji was unable to withstand the rift, as it was forcing his body to destroy itself, and he fell unconcious, never to wake again.
After the fall of her mate, Nesa was released, but mortally wounded. She was unable to heal the damage done, let alone stand. She fell to the ground, and Rhain ran to her side, completely hysterical, having seen his father 'die', and now his mother was dying as well. Nesa was bleeding horribly, suffering from a major wound on her side. Although she was coughing up blood badly, she managed to say three words to her son.
"Find a way..."
She died before she could finish what she was saying. And to this very day, those words haunt him, for Rhain still has no idea what she was going to say. After his parents' deaths, each slain by the other, he wandered aimlessly for days, only to be found by the one who had caused all of his pain - unbeknownst to him. The Raveen-Demon took him under his wing and raised him to teenhood. And then Rhain'Suun started asking questions, suspicious of this creature and his knowledge about what happened to his parents. The Raveen-Demon had no tolerance for such questions, and punished Rhain whenever he asked. The rips on his ears were from one such experience.
And one day, when he could no longer take it, he attacked his adoptive father, demanding to know what he did. He never got a straight answer, and it drove him into an uncontrolled rage. He killed the Raveen-Demon, but he did not escape unscathed. He earned his cursed wound, as punishment for killing his would-be father. And the moment Rhain dealt the final blow, the Raveen-Demon transformed into electricity, and overtook Rhain's body, injuring him seriously and knocking him unconscious.
When he awoke, he found he could create dark electricity with his mind, but also found that his eyes has been shocked entirely white, appearing exactly as his adoptive father's had. It seemed as though he had taken some of the Demon's powers. Whether that is for good or for ill remains to be seen.
Some time later, during the machanations of the Great Evil, Rhain'Suun got his paws on a particular object, which was hidden in a temple of lights. He does not understand its full power, but he keeps it with him at all times, just in case.

AbilityPoison BiteShadow Bite
ParentageWildKyon x Rukara
NotesKyon's ability poisons the target's blood through his bite. It will instantly cause the victim to fall into a feverish state. He has a wingless mutation, and is also a meat-eater, which seems almost unnatural. He bit his master on the right ear.
Shade can turn anything he bites into a shadow for up to three minutes. His wings can extend for flight, but he is both a silent hunter and a meat-eater like his father. He bit his master on the tail.