SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
Self-Healing (Instant)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Poisonous Bite (Lethal)
Moonlight Regeneration
Were Form (Night)
Moonlight Explosion
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Playful and energetic, this female Were has a stuffed toy that she's not ever likely to part with. It's very important to her, and even as an adult, she's not going to give up any of her youthful antics. As to where she got this item and who gave it to her, no one but her knows -- if even she herself knows, that is. She's had it for so long that she can barely remember a time before it was hers.
As a Were Kat her power is mostly found in the hours of night, when the moons are high in the sky and basking the world in their glow. She obsorbs energy from moonlight itself, and can use it's light to heal herself to such a degree that any wounds receive during the moonlight hours are healed -- no matter how deadly the damage. However this power only works if moonlight is present - during the Eclipse, for instance, a Were would be just as susceptible to damage as any other Kat.
Also during the moonlight hours she can take on the form of a large black wolf; more than twice her size and her senses are hightened to extreme degrees. She is able to move quite fast in this form, and her jaws are able to snap bone easily. Her howl has a near-hypnotic sway to it's sound, causing enemies and prey alike to always seek her out when she howls.
Her bite is poisonous, like all of her kind, causing an extreme fever in those her teeth sink into. The fever arrives within an hour of receiving the bite, crippling the infected and causing their body's immune system to go haywire. The fever itself lasts up to six hours, and during this time those of weaker builds/young ages are likely to die from it. Adults can sometimes survive the onslaught without treatment, but that's provided their body wasn't already weakened from something else.
If at night she remains in her normal form, she can cause moonlight itself to have an explosive property to it.