SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideBroken Circle
PrideSummer Rain
PowersMage-Reading (Perfected)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Endless Ability Use
Sensory Manipulation
Memory Alteration
Self-Healing (Instant)
Self-Resurrection (10 Minutes - Smoke)
Ability Immunity (Dimension - Inner, Outer, Center & Power - Non-Ultimate)
Ability Immunity (Dimension - Demon, Hate & Wish - Non-Ultimate)
Abilities Faded - The target's mind fades out of existence for one hour, rendering the target 'dead' until that time has passed.

Controlled - The target's mind falls under the user's complete control. The only way to block this ability would be by a powerful shield like a Black Magic's. Shields that belong to a Magic or some other Inner Dimensional type would not be able to block this.

End Game - The target is killed instantly, and all knowledge and abilities are absorbed by the user.
(Stolen Abilities)

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Siriuus
Notes Siriuus wears jewelry made from Cold Pheonixian Metal. If he is placed in any danger, this metal will glow and cause whatever threatens him to drop dead and remain so for three hours. He is of a royal line, like his mother. He can only be permanently slain if beheaded, for Mind Kats only die if their minds die.

PowersElectricity Mastery & Phasing
NotesThough Shi-Naru have no name or gender, Siriuus often refers to his bonded by the nickname 'Shi'. The Shi-Naru is fully sentient, but cannot open a line of communication. For a Kat other than Siriuus to speak to this Shi-Naru, they must be reading its mind. The connection between Siriuus and the Shi-Naru allows them to freely talk to one another, no matter how far apart they are. However, their connection has bound their souls together in such a way that if the Raveen or the Shi-Naru dies, then the one left behind will be living a half-life - meaning the still living partner would be missing half of its soul, and be very vunerable. However, should Siriuus die, the Shi-Naru can protect his soul and stop it from moving on to the afterlife, allowing time for healing.
The Shi-Naru is immune to all abilities, and powers can only do half damage to it. Like all Shi-Naru, this blue one is capable of unleashing hell in the form of massive electrical bursts which can easily end the life of a much larger dragon. It can also fully manipulate electricity, so it can cause itself to shock anything it touches by covering itself in a veil of blue electricity, or it can absorb lightning or cause lightning to change its course. Also, Shi-Naru are able to spit out spheres of electrical energy which can explode upon impact with a target.
Shi-Naru can also phase in and out of corporeal form at will, so one moment they could be tangible while the next they could be intangible. They do not breath, but they do require food. Prey for Shi-Naru is often fish, as they can only eat water-based creatures. This Shi-Naru is almost full-grown, and it is roughly 90 years old, which is actually still considered youngling age for the species.