SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideTwilight Vanguard
PowersMage-reading, Instant Healing & Regeneration, Perfect Nightvision, Electrical Charged Claws, Reality Shift, Life Drain (Wings/Tail), Immune to Damage (can only be wounded by Demon or Undead), Immune to Temperature/Hot/Cold. Weak against soul-draining powers/abilities, and sensitive to morality alterations.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A born Afterworld Kat, he is the descendant of two Afterworld Kats that have made the shift into the living plane. He was born under the Eclipse and has been marked by Rekura's Curse, and has an Elemental Mutation that causes a miasmic cloud of afterworld energy to wrap around his body like clouds. This energy is deadly to those of the living, as it poisons and taints their bodies. If exposed to it for too long the living vessel of an individual can be warped into a mockery of undeath, caught somewhere between an Undead and living soul. Fortunately the effects wear off the more time they spend apart from the Whispers, but if they spend too much time caught in the cloud then the effects can become permanent. Only those immune to soul-corruption and death will find themselves completely safe.
His own body is not immune to the miasma, causing the areas caught between the clouds to be devoid of flesh and to instead appear as blighted ectoplasm and blackened bones. It's not painful, but can be disorienting when the clouds shift and his body changes from unlife to living once more. Because of his Mutation it's likely he kept his distance from others unless they were immune to him. A personal bubble of space was important to keep, and he'd often find his IriKan acting as a buffer between himself and the other Whispers. She'd spread her wings to show them the safe distance between him and them, often encouraging him to keep friendships with the other Whispers while also reminding them all to stay safe. She'd comfort him in those times when the mutation became too much of a burden, always reminding him that she'd never leave him or be hurt by him.
While he was aware of the memories always being nothing more than memories - incapable of changing, or feeling anything new - he did spend most of his time among them. Unlike the other Whispers the memories were immune to his blight. It didn't matter that he couldn't truly be a part of the lives they were living, he still felt connected to them somehow. They were real. Maybe not now, but sometime in the past they had been alive. He followed the lives of those he came to know, watched fondly as they grew and learned and made new connections with other memories. When the world started to grow different, and a sinister ripple shifted through the memories, he was the first to take notice. He watched, unable to do anything, as the first of the memories fell sick to an unseen corruption. As they became twisted and violent, and turned against one another.
He saw it all unravel, and then again when the memories restarted their lives. He became convinced he could solve the mystery of what happened to this world, and tried to learn who was responsible. If he just watched closely enough he could learn - he could save them, somehow. Surely. As the years passed he almost forgot he was watching memories.

ManifestationSleek-feathered Owl
PowersPremonition Sight (can see flashes of important future events), Shadow Heal (can heal others with the power of darkness/night), Blinding World (blinds all those within an area, lasts until the IriKan lifts it).
NotesIriKan are fully sentient but only able to telepathically communicate with their bonded WoRs. They cannot speak to others, even though they can understand what is being said to them. IriKan cannot be harmed except by other IriKan, Divine Beings, or a Godblade. They can channel their own abilities through their bonded, allowing the WoR access to what the IriKan can do.