SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
PrideBlood Moon
AdvancementDemon Hunter
PowersSilver Claws
Energy Drain
Abilities Drain - Ability to drain energy or life from targets depending on how powerful the creature is. Done by means of touch.

Death Wave - A wave of mist which paralyzes everything it touches. Tends to kill smaller animals.

Sudden Death - This ability can stop anything - abilities, blood flow, life, even time. It is considered an ultimate attack as it can be both defensive and offensive.

Death Trap - The ground beneath the target(s) instantly caves in, sending the target(s) falling into an ability summoned pit of spikes. These spikes will kill or seriously injure any Kats which land on them.

Deadly Shield - Summons a black dome shield which blocks all abilities. Will last as long as the user desires. Does not block powers or physical attacks.

Death Essence - The air around the target(s) is instantly filled with red and gray smoke, which if inhaled will cause the target to lose control of its nervous system - making it very vulnerable to attack as it cannot defend itself. If the user desires, this ability will stop here, however, if the user wishes to cause damage then this ability can cause the smoke in the area to form into several serpent-like creatures which can attack the target(s) physically, but are not considered a summon.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Styx carries the skull of the first Raveen she ever killed. The marks on the skull are a mix of blood and dyes in red, green, and blue, referencing species and numbers of enemies she has slain.
She has the power to form a deadly essence between her paws. She can throw this essence at a target, and upon contact with this essence one would immediately be drained of as much energy as she wishes. The weapon she wears has blades that are sharper and generally more lethal than her claws. The individual blades respond to the movements of her paw, each reacting as if it were an extension of her body.