SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideOcean's Flame
Self-Healing (Instant)
Silver Bones
Poison Immunity
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Element Manipulation
Pyromancy (Mild)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Aura Vision
True Sight
Teleportation (At Will)
Advanced Senses (Hearing)
Time Sight
Time Manipulation
OriginBattle Prides
Notes When Tanbi's wounds heal, it seems as though they flicker out of existence, replaced by an older memory of the damaged area. Along her underbelly, she has a covering of thick, smooth scale plates that are harder than stone. These are a trait only Legends have, and is similar to what could, at one time, be found on Nemaririshta's mortal form. The multicolored feathers on her tail tip are not actually feathers, but colored bones with a very misleading appearance. She can use them as weapons, as they are hard and sharp around the edges. They can take on silver traits whenever Tanbi desires. Her teleportation is so natural for her, that she vanishes in under a split second, disappearing in the breath that it takes someone to blink.
She can survive without food or air, and can manipulate elements used by others. She can summon flames of any type at the sacrifice of her own personal energy. She can perceive the true intentions of those around her and even tell when someone is lying. The fabrics she wears are immune to elements, so they are not harmed when she or others use such powers. The gems she wears on her forehead and chest are Communication Gems, molded in a way that allows her to disrupt their function, giving her control of when they are working or not.
The helm she wears is a War Mask unique to the Legend Element. No helm is quite the same, varying details by individual, but they are most always worn. When a Legend Kat is not wearing their War Mask, they can be found with their faces painted white in tribal designs, used to conceal their identity.
Legend Kats have two sets of ears, one that picks up normal frequencies, and one that picks up the lower frequencies that the average Raveen cannot hear. Because of this, they have a more powerful awareness of their surroundings, and can easily avoid being surprised by enemies or even completely avoid being spotted by anyone. Legends are only ever found when they wish to be. In the Outer Dimension, they live beyond the Ocean of Flames, near Nemaririshta's sacrificial shrine.
Unlike Black Magics, Rituals, and Sources, Legends have no preset duty in their Dimension. In the past, they were mostly just observers to time passing, taking a neutral stand on every issue, but as an alliance with their enemies came into being, the Legends started to take on more active roles. Tanbi herself came to enter the Inner Dimension after foreseeing that it might be more beneficial for her to leave the territories of her Element.
Tanbi's Vibe is Time. She can freeze and dismember time as she sees fit. She can stop time, tear others from the timestream and destroy them or throw them into some future period. She can see the movements of the timestream, events that transpire in the future, much like a Seer's foresight. She misuses this power constantly, for selfish reasons. She knows from experience that in order for one thing to happen, something else must happen before it. Cause and effect. For this reason, if she sees something about to happen that does not benefit her or her beliefs, she is not against stopping a crucial event or changing it so it benefits her in some way. When she first did this, she was caught by a few Seers who had foreseen the events she altered.
"Interesting thing, changing time. To what end will you continue?"
Her response had been brief. She told them that she would do whatever she need do, and there was no reason to justify or explain it to them. The Seers did not look that put out by her response, instead they seemed a little amused as they took in her words.
"The ends justify the means, then? We all might just get along..."
And then and there, a beneficial and sinister alliance between Legend and corrupted Seers was born. They stayed out of her way, and she stayed out of theirs, unless she saw a reason to change something. She is no longer in it just for herself anymore, but assisting the Seers reach their goals, which undoubtably, will lead to something great for her. Unlike Seers, her visions can never be blocked or clouded, so she can see a lot more than they can, when it comes right down to it. She, however, can only see into the future.
The fabric extending from the back of her War Mask is not unlike the fabrics used by Seers. It blocks any and all psychic intrusions into her mind, and hides her thoughts and feelings. It would not do do for someone to read her thoughts and find out she's been consorting with the enemy, after all.