SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideNone
Self-Healing (Instant)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Night Vision (Perfect)
Electricity Blast
Reality Slide
Life Drain
Soul Sight
Soul Fire
Temperature Resistance
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Zeruus can only truly be wounded by a Demon or Undead. Although his body is covered in thick fur, he is not affected by the temperature changes at all. His wings and tail do not come into contact with his body at all. When not in use, his wings do not fold, but rather, decrease in size and appear as nothing more than slits in the air around him. His tail spade is sharp, and stronger than steel, able to cut through most anything.
Afterworld Kats are created, not born, in a realm outside the physical plane. Once they reach adulthood, they are able to cross over, and Zeruus did so knowing full well what to expect. Training as a Slayer has garnered his interest, though he has not undergone it yet. He is in possession of two Ravelers, which he got by trading with a Dissident in the Unclaimed Territories. Ravelers are silver arrowheads tied onto enchanted threads that can lengthen or shorten at will, and are normally a Sweeper specific weapon. When embedded in a foe's flesh, they strip the individual of their powers and defenses. Zeruus' Ravelers in particular have shards of spirit essence in them as well, which also cause excruciating physical pain.
Zeruus cannot sheath his front claws, and he lacks claws on the third toe. As an Afterworld Kat, he can charge his front claws with electrical energy, and send it flying. This energy can paralyze or kill, depending on his intentions. Reality sliding works much like teleportation, allowing Zeruus to move to any area he has already been or can at least see. Should he be placed in mortal peril, his wings and tail will drain the life energy out of anything and anyone around him, restoring him to full energy and health.
While most Afterworld Kats have white or pale eyes, Zeruus' eyes are flaming green. He can see into the soul of anyone who makes eye contact with him, and see their true selves. He can also burn out a being's soul if they make eye contact with him. This effectively destroys the individual, leaving a body as an empty vessel. He has never done it before, but he has come close a few times.