SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideSky's Embrace
Self-Healing (Instant)
Black Hole Wound
Heat Immunity
Night Vision (Perfect)
OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Zettai
Notes Zettai was born on the day of the Eclipse. Her elemental mutation comes in the form of solidified blue flames, found along her forelegs and spine, starting at the base of her neck. This energy is like a comet's trail, and is insanely hot to the touch. It can cause fire to start up just from the briefest of touches, and incinerate living things, if she's not careful. Only when she's angry, or greatly confused, is this really a problem. Other times the energy is more lax and tame, though still hot to the touch. This energy can also overtake her form, becoming a shield that will cause great damage to anyone attempting to physically harm her. She is also able to send this energy out into her surroundings, incinerating those it touches or crippling them severely.
Only a short time after she was born, Zettai and the other cubs born under the Eclipse were snatched from their parents, and dragged by shadows into a dead world under an eternal Eclipse. She was alone, and lost, though the needs of hunger and thirst never touched her, and the world seemed to heal those injured within it in an unnatural manner, of cold and blue light. The world seemed haunted.
After a week of being alone in this place, Zettai encountered spectres, ghosts of Raveens with chains on their forelegs, that spoke in a different tongue. Language which provided impossible for a young cub to understand. So they, in turn, spoke in the language of Elemarenita, and taught Zettai what her parents would have taught her instead, had she been with them. By them, she was called Kehruz, the name of the symbol found on her left wing.
For two months, she lived within the lands of Anpva and Eupai, until spectres spoke to her one last thing.
"It is the beginning, that is the first and last stop you must return."
Not long after, she was dragged by shadows back to where she had started, where only a day had passed. Zettai accepted the name her parents gave her, for the one she was known by in those haunted lands, she keeps safe and private in her heart.
Since she became an adult, there has been a small ningling sensation in the back of her mind - one that almost seems to say, "You're supposed to be somewhere." Yet it's fleeting, there as long as she doesn't try to focus on it, and never clear enough to define where it is she needs be. Just a constant pull, that right now seems to lack direction...

PersonificationBlack Energy Raveen
(Surrounded By Burning Blue Meteors)
PowersRock Comets
Reality Tears
NotesZettai's Guardian appears in its physical form only when she is seriously injured, really pissed off, or extremely desperate to cause harm or protect someone. The Rock Comets produce flaming meteors of various sizes that rain down from the sky and explode. The Reality Tears are similar to black holes, removing hostile entities and depositing them elsewhere.