SpeciesRaveen Kat
(Reflection/Blue Fire/Weather/Angelic)
Birth PrideThe Uncharted
Powers Mage-reading, Angelic Form (can only be wounded by those with a Divine/Demon Form), Gravity Manipulation, Infinite Telekinesis, Teleportation, Shadow-Walking (can walk to/from shadows), Illusionary Shift (can change physical appearance), Illusionary Copies (can create copies of herself), Immune to Psychic Alterations/Suggestions/Hypnosis, Immune to Shade Corruption, Warp (evasive teleport). Unreadable Mind.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Born under the Eclipse, she is a Whisper of Rekura. Her Elemental Mutation has many sides to it; she has ghostly blue flames that are always burning around her paws, a lightning-sparked fin tail, clouds that trail after her ears, and scales/ice that spread across her back. She is a mix of Elements, and her body reflects that. She is also a descendant of an Angelic, and her wings mark her clearly as such.
She is a descendant of the Angelic Lnei-La, ...[REDACTED DATA].... Being on Os'Karos, the world that Lnei-La created and was buried on, was a blessing. She got to learn so much about where she came from, so much more than she was likely to have learned had she been born at any other time. She is thankful for it. Thankful that she was brought to a world that [Lnei-La] deeply cared for, and one which still cared deeply for her.

Loyalty: Pacifist
Personification: An obsidian Wing wrapped around a glinting silver-white Shield.
Powers: Pacifism (negates all magics in an area), Life Shroud (creates a blue-light barrier around up to five targets, protecting them from the next critical attack).
Notes: The soul of a fallen Angelic, this female IriKan is a calming presence in the back of her bonded's mind. She feels blessed to be part of her bonded's life, and sworn on Lnei-La's memory to help her survive whatever comes in the future. When asked, she'll say she died at the beginning of the Invader's War, back when the primal Gods didn't fully understand the extent of the Invader's betrayals, and didn't know what they'd be forced to become. She was killed by one of the fallen Gods, but holds no ill will towards them. She understands that they were turned into Shades by the Invader, and she will not hold innocents responsible for her death.

Profession: None (Royalty)

Personal History: [Year arrived, Osarian Family, Specialized Training]
She arrived in Year 1, only three months after Estheria and an Archivist had arrived. Among the first WoRs, and being of a highly ranked status, she was given an upbringing that is very different than what later WoRs would experience. She was raised by the High Priests, and given a shelter to call home within the High Temple. Only those of high rank were allowed to step foot in this area.
She was told of her lineage. Of how she was a descendant of Lnei-La, which marked her as being of Divine status on Os'Karos. Royalty.
Lnei-La was ...[REDACTED DATA]... the honoured creator of Os'Karos. Lnei-La fought to protect the Astralis, and saved the lives of many in All Worlds. She fought, healed, and forgave those who turned against the Astralis. Her goal was to restore what the Invaders had broken, but she was killed before An-Tuga ended the war. Her remains were brought back to Os'Karos by Bekaros, ...[REDACTED DATA].... She was put to rest in Lnei-La's Tomb, and they've sworn ever since to watch over and protect her memory.
"The world you were born to will not understand. They will see only the evils, and be blind to the beginning which they're a part of." A High Priest, Maiv, told her. "The Astralis, and All Worlds, were ours until their greed drove them to steal pieces of it ...[REDACTED DATA]... and left the throne of the Astralis to a pretender god ...[REDACTED DATA].... We lost so much to the millenias of war that followed. Then An-Tuga struck the Invader down, and time lost it's way. We've been trapped in a time fluctuation ever since, waiting for the day our true Gods would return and free us from the Invader's lingering taint."
Estheria ...[REDACTED DATA]... [and Zora-La] view one another as family, and even grew close since they were usually the only Raveen company either had. When Maunet and Ithunzi arrived, they had a strong sisterly bond that would go on to strengthen with time.
She spent most of her life on Os'Karos learning about the Astralis, and seeking to know what her part in the future of the Astralis would be. ...[REDACTED DATA]... She had the power to decide her own destiny. ...[REDACTED DATA]... They [Angelics] were a gentle, guiding force among the stars.
...[REDACTED DATA]... secrets cannot be shared. That it is dangerous information, and she must keep it safe.
Through the years she had limited contact with the other WoRs. Her difference in status with them meant she had a somewhat isolated existence from them; she can't count on any of them as truly being friends, or allies. Once they leave Os'Karos, she's not even sure she can trust them.
The only ones she knows will never turn away from her are Ithunzi, Estheria, and Maunet. The four of them all hold the same secrets, and know how much those secrets cannot be let loose.