Zynhra Doomcry & Terenias

NameZynhra Doomcry
SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideSurvivor's Conquest
PrideFirst Rule
Slayer, Scout Class (Level II)
Teleportation (At Will - Silver Blades)
Acidic Claws
Spiritual Wards
Self-Healing (Fast)
Heat Manipulation (Self Only)
Magics Nijya - Touch sensory manipulation. Allows the Scout to alter the perceptions of individuals, making it so even they come into contact with the Scout they won't feel it or be aware of it.
(Level I)

Koyja - Smell sensory manipulation. Allows the Scout to alter the perceptions of individuals, making it so even if they're in an area the Scout is - or even in close proximity - they won't be aware of it.
(Level I)

Honya - Taste sensory manipulation. Allows the Scout to alter the perceptions of individuals, making is so even if they come into an area riddled with poisons and viral airbourne entities they won't be aware of it.
(Level I)

Yunla - Hearing sensory manipulation. Allows the Scout to alter the perceptions of individuals, making it so the individual or group cannot hear the Scout, even if they're speaking or breathing right next to the individual.
(Level I)

Sehna - Sight sensory manipulation. Allows the Scout to move freely around areas, its presence cloaked from any and all individuals in an area. Requires a great amount of training to master, as Sehna must not only affect an individuals sight of one Scout, but also the changes that Scout causes to an area, such as its shadow, shifting leaves, and so on.
(Level I)

Korama - Causes the Scout's physical speed to increase tenfold.
(Level II)

Nuremai - Causes momentary disorientation to any nearby enemies.
(Level II)

Hidrau - Allows the Scout to see through the eyes and senses of any small non-sentient creatures up to eight miles from their current position, in all directions.
(Level II)

Kyusa - Creates a shadow entity of the Scout, which possess all spells of the Scout Class but can only use up to three spells before it fades from existance. Cannot cause physical harm.
(Level II)

Furomi - Sends a flurry of silver needles and spirit essence chips into the area surrounding the Scout. Not enough to kill, but enough to disable any nearby threats.
(Level II)

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Zynhra is of the Doomcry Clan, which originally hails from the Abyss Dimension. Unlike most other Abyss Clans, the Doomcry have black fur instead of bleached blonde. The Clan was banished during the Great Evil's first rule, along with the Shadowcurse. They have been hiding under the guise of being Fire Kats, at least until they regained access to their original home. Many Clan descendents returned to the Abyss at that time, leaving behind only one bloodline. These were the descendents of Bantaruu, who were set up by Kajshi Muun and blamed for the deaths of an entire Pride, then nearly hunted to extinction.
The remnants of the line still maintain the Doomcry honorific in their names, as if passed on from a Pride bloodline. Though it is becoming more apparent to the observant that they are not Fire Kats, those like Zynhra can still get away with identifying themselves as such - not because they're up to no good, but solely because they don't want anyone outside their trusted circles knowing their secrets.
Zynhra's claws are slightly elongated, and are blue, marking them with an acidic property that allows them to burn or slice to just about anything. This trait was initially inherited from the Demons that the Doomcry line descends from. Females tend to have this trait more prominently than males. Like the majority of females born into her bloodline, she has a long mane, and in the tradition of her kin, wears it in a very ornamental style. Females of her bloodline tend to be more spiritually inclined, and she is no exception. Zynhra can create Wards that function as barriers against those of hostile intent. Her strength can ward an area as large as a Healing Shrine. She can also use lesser wards, to block certain powers, or to stop blood flow from a wound and thereby prevent imminent death.
She is the great-granddaughter of Zouu Doomcry, one of the direct descendents of Bantaruu, and thus belongs to his near-extinct bloodline. She has three sisters and a brother, Dairouu. She and her brother were the only ones among their siblings to become Slayers. Zynhra selected the Scout Class, as her father was a Scout as well. When she reached the first Scout rank, her father gifted her with an armor set unique to the Doomcry line. Made from gold, silver, and blue metals, such armor is designed to be lightweight, but strong enough to stand up to a direct assault from someone or something as strong as a Strength Kat. The Scout variant of this armor is crafted with silver spikes and needles on detachable plates. They can be left on as guards, and can also be removed and used like throwing stars. Wearing this armor also allows Zynhra to teleport at will, in a flurry of silver blades which go flying in every direction. She can control when this happens, so she will not harm her allies.
When she became a Slayer, she joined up with a Guild that did not stay together for too long. The members failed to work well with one another, and more times than she cares to remember, she was forced to rely on only the aid of one other Guild member to watch her back. When the Guild was disbanded, she and the Coraz Spirit, Terenias, joined together to become Mercenary Slayers, not wanting to immediately join another Guild after their bad experiences with their first one.
Through taking on admittedly shady jobs, they have gained rewards and experience. Using her Scout powers, Zynhra is able to track down their targets and with Terenias' Combat skills, they are able to take on large groups when the need arises. Through one of their jobs, they both gained the pendants they wear as rewards.
Zynhra's pendant is a silver ring with a glowing red gem in its center. The gem is always glowing, and always surrounded by wisps of lightning. The gem allows her to heal her own physical wounds, including the more deadly of wounds, and also allows her the cause her fur to heat up to alarming degrees, severely burning anyone in contact with her. They were told these gems are enchanted to evolve with the wearer, so in time the gems will gain more powers.

SpeciesCoraz Spirit
Birth PackFear Rising
PackSavage Howl
Slayer, Combat Class (Level II)
PowersSpirit Sight
Night Vision (Perfect)
Spirit Essence Augmentation
Cleanse Poisons
Dispel Magic (Minor)
Wildlife Command
Magics Reflex Dash - Speeds up the Slayer's reaction times, and gives the Slayer a sort of extra sensory ability to feel when an attack may be coming for them. It allows them increased evasive capabilities, and an advanced Combat Slayer can generally use this enchantment to avoid most, if not all, physical blows.
(Level I)

Death Tyrant - Adds to the natural strength a Slayer already possesses, and adds more kick behind a physical attack. It can cause a normal swipe from a set of claws to shatter through rock and bone, or make a bite so deadly it damages nearby tissue.
(Level I)

Blood Feud - Sometimes referred to as suicidal attack, it is only available to use after the Slayer has gained an open wound. When activated, this enchantment causes exposed blood to gather around the forelimbs, and depending on the amount of blood, it adds an explosive result to physical blows. It can result in flesh being obliterated from an enemy, or its entire body being destroyed in one hit. The damage depends on the amount of blood used behind the attack.
(Level I)

Feral Claws - It causes bloodlust to cloud the Slayer's visions, literally narrowing their world into red hues. An energy regeneration enchantment, adrenaline pumps through their veins, and the wounds they may be sporting are numbed to an efficient level. When the enchantment is in effect, the Slayer's speed and reflexes are increased, as is its generally lust for killing. Generally only used when the Slayer is running low on energy, cornered, or when a Healer is not immediately available to stave off death.
(Level II)

Silver Sage - Specifically oriented to be used against Shade Warriors. This enchantment causes a silver aura to taint the Slayer's shadow. When an attack is followed through, the silver aura follows up with a direct strike of purest silver in an explosive reaction of silver needles. With the right placement of the initial hit, this enchantment can down a Shade Warrior permanently.
(Level II)

(Level III)

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Terenias has little appreciation for the welfare of others, or the land around him, unlike Azamas tend to have. He could care less if he passes a dead and desolate forest, and he wouldn't bat an eye if he saw a spirit in danger or dying near him. His Earth Spirit is darkened and prone to causing dead areas more than healing them. As far as he is concerned, the Azamas can keep their treehugging to themselves.
At night, his eyes a more feral glow, similar to that of a feline. His scars are mainly from fights he has been in over the years. Most of them are hidden under his black fur or his armor, including a ghastly bite mark on his left shoulder. His armor is unique, made from stretched and dyed leather, with spikes of earth set into them. These earth spikes have silver properties within them, but appear like muddy rock when he is not on the battlefield. He can alter them with his natural earthen powers, causing the silver to come to the forefront of the spikes when he is fighting, and even making them sharper or changing the ways they are curved. The spikes on his armguard at the same, except that he can cause these to lengthen and curve outward or forward.
Around his neck, he wears a silver ring that holds a spirit essence gem. The gem is always floating within the silver ring, with lightning-like energy always circling it. As long as he wears this pendant, he has the power to create and alter Spirit Essence. He can cause it to cover his teeth and armour at will. It also allows him to dispel minor spells and cleanse his own system of impurities like poisons.
Terenias is not generally a friendly fellow, but he met Zynhra through their first Guild, and the two were forced to rely on one another too many times. They each owe the other their lives, and when their Guild was disbanded, they decided to become Mercenary Slayers together. Working as a two-Slayer team, they wander around looking for jobs they can take on with the best rewards. The pendants they both have were rewards from one such event - they gained them when they killed a Corrupted Pride in the Unclaimed Territories.
Coraz Spirits have the power to manipulate wildlife, to such a degree that they can even enchant them to be bodyguards or minions when desired. Their powers can even actively affect familiars of enemies,or even allies, that may be nearby, thus reducing the threats.

AbilityExplosive Feathers
NotesRyxis is bonded to Terenias, but he can be found in the company of either one. Zynhra occasionally uses him as a scout, opting to see see through his eyes as he flies ahead of the pair.