Birth HiveUnknown
HiveRavenous Shadows
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Kirakk has several sharp spikes down the back of his neck that he can lengthen and shorten at will. He is able to teleport at will, seeming to scatter into hundreds of shadows, and then reforming elsewhere. Like all Graephs, he is able to walk on any surface, and the force of gravity doesn't have that much of an active effect on him. His flesh is hard, seemingly as tough as dragonscale, and claws and teeth aren't likely to cause much damage to him. Across his face he's got a jagged red scar that he never healed. It was received in a battle to the death with another Bloodling, and is kept as a symbol of his victory over what could have been a strong adversary.
The fact that he kept the scar speaks a great deal about his pack-relations with others - a potentially arrogant symbol that marks him as a confident alpha-type that doesn't have need or care of help from others.
He is immune to the shift in temperatures, and able to survive under waters as the oxygen is filtered through the water by his flesh. While he once wandered as a sort of lone wolf, a warrior without a Hive, he no longer does. Having passed into Rykkai's territory, he was confronted by Zenrhazz, the only Bloodling in the then-small Hive. She proved to be a dangerous opponent, but his time alone trained him well, and Kirakk bested her in combat. Before he could escape the Hive's territory, however, the Horrorling, Rykkai, appeared in his path. Knowing his choice was now submission or death, he chose the former, but the young Matriarch surprised him - giving him the chance to take Zenrhazz's place as Protector, never again leaving her lands, or become her Reaper, second to Zenrhazz but in name only, and be allowed to wander where he pleased, until she had need of him. Kirakk stands as Rykkai's Reaper now, enjoying both freedom and protection, knowing quite well that he has earned a higher position, should he ever desire it.