Birth HiveUnknown
HiveRavenous Shadows
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Rykkai descends from the dangerous mountain terrains of the Outer Dimension. She is built to withstand attackers that may be twice her own size, and is more aggressive than the smaller and more common Horrorlings that dwell in safer areas. She has endless rows of blades on her tail, legs, and even down the front of her chin, neck and throat. Attackers are likely to leave the more battered and cut-up just from her defensive traits alone. Like all Horrorlings, she has strong jaws able to snap through anything, even harsh metals and bone. Upon the back of her neck, she has a couple deep scars that she never healed, which were no doubt gained from another Horrorling in combat. As female Horrorlings are very territorial, even towards their own Horrorling descendants, it would have been alright to assume she received these scars from her own mother. That, however, was not the case and her scars were instead received from a rogue Horrorling who attempted to overthrow her mother's Hive when she was still in adolescence.
Her Mother was killed, and most of the Hive decimated, but having taken on a whole Hive left the rogue Horrorling tired and open to attack. Rykkai did not pass up the opportunity to prove herself to the remaining Hive members. She took down the rogue, but not without receiving the scars - which she now bares as a symbol of her strength, as it's not everyday a Horrorling teen can take down a fully grown Horrorling and live to tell the tale.